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Getting Ready to Query Literary Agents

I'm going to try using Query Tracker to keep track of queries that I send out.  I really like how the website is set up.  I'll be able to keep track of who I have sent a query to and when I get a rejection.  I really love how they have a place to paste in the exact query letter sent to the agent, because while the blurb section will always be the same, each query will need to be personalized and I like the idea of being able to see exactly what I sent to different agents.

I have used Query Tracker to find some of the agents I plan to send the first wave a queries to, but I have also found agents in other ways and went back to tracker and added them in to my personal list.  I've found agents in forum posts and on other writer's blogs.  I pay attention when someone praises their agent and then I look them up and see if they would be a good fit for me.  

If all goes well, I will start sending out queries in the next few days.  *bites nails*


Query Tracker is a great resource! I'm getting ready to hop back on the Great-Agent-Hunt Merry-go-round myself with my latest manuscript and I've got my list all lined up on QT! :-)

Best of luck!


Thank you. I'm glad to know that it really is a help. :)


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