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Ideas, Lightbulb Moments & Cuteness!

For some odd reason, I get a lot of my ideas or plot bunnies when I am unable to get to a computer or ever write the ideas down in a notepad.  In sometimes happens when I'm driving my car.  Red lights are for jotting down notes!  But most of the time, I get ideas while I'm in the shower.  This happened to me the other day.  I was stuck on a certain part of my work in progress, and I was frustrated.  Out of the blue, a past event in one of my character's life came to me, which makes their behavior very logical.  I thought I had motivation for the character before, but this little piece of history was the very thing I was missing.  \0/

Sometimes, I get ideas while I'm blow drying my hair.  I mentioned this once on Romance Divas and the naming fairies got me.  I'm the Blowing Ideas Into My Hair Diva.  LOL!  I once came up with a complete poem while drying my hair.  I had to run over to my desk and write it all out.

I shall leave you all with a cute cat video:

Another Submission ~ Rolling Right Along.

In an attempt to keep moving forward while I wait to hear from publishers, I have done a few things.

I am concentrating on writing more of my Paranormal Romance, Skeptical Latitude.  Man, oh, man, that novel needs a new improved working title.  And today, I submitted Do Not Disturb to Avon Impulse.  I'm not sure that was a good move, because there is no advance and the royalty rates are slim.  Not to mention that I am not informed enough on the subject of DMR protection or on the library thing.  The chance to work with Avon editors and have professional marketing and cover art is very tempting.  Chances of getting my novel accepted is slim with so much competition out there.  I will get informed and make the best decisions for me.

Also, I am still working with my mentor, who is totally awesome by the way.  Check her website out:  Sela Carsen.  She's got me reading novels with the assignment of paying attention to the author's voice.  It's very interesting, and I hope to learn something from it.