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For some odd reason, I get a lot of my ideas or plot bunnies when I am unable to get to a computer or ever write the ideas down in a notepad.  In sometimes happens when I'm driving my car.  Red lights are for jotting down notes!  But most of the time, I get ideas while I'm in the shower.  This happened to me the other day.  I was stuck on a certain part of my work in progress, and I was frustrated.  Out of the blue, a past event in one of my character's life came to me, which makes their behavior very logical.  I thought I had motivation for the character before, but this little piece of history was the very thing I was missing.  \0/

Sometimes, I get ideas while I'm blow drying my hair.  I mentioned this once on Romance Divas and the naming fairies got me.  I'm the Blowing Ideas Into My Hair Diva.  LOL!  I once came up with a complete poem while drying my hair.  I had to run over to my desk and write it all out.

I shall leave you all with a cute cat video:


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