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New Project Started ~ All Business

I'm thrilled to report that I have started a new story.  The idea came to me quite some time ago, but I had too many other things going at the time to do much more than write down basic notes.  About a paragraph's worth.

Last night, I used a form that Kendal Ashby had sent me once when we were exchanging chapters.  She's an awesome critique partner, by the way.  I was able to fill out the form, which included character sketches, conflict notes, a story blurb, scenes that must be in the story, the black moment and the end scene notes.

And better than all of that!  I was able to get the first chapter written.  I'm stoked!  Like, totally.  I credit the Romance Diva chat room for helping me to get the second half of the chapter written.  I love those timed challenges.

The working title for this 25,000 word novella is All Business. I shall keep everyone posted of my progress as I plod along.  :)

All Business


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