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Writing Inspiration ~ Where Do You Get Yours?

It’s difficult for me to explain inspiration or what prods me to write, but I do know my writing is richer and more layered when I am inspired to write as opposed to when I force myself to write.  With the start of this new story, I have been attempting to push myself to write.  I somehow manage during NaNoWriMo to push myself and write a set amount of words everyday and I’m doing okay with this new story.  The one thing I have been doing is taking mini breaks to grasp for more inspiration.

I find inspiration in many places.

Movies.  There are a few movies I have set aside to watch because they churn up inspiration in my gut.  Some of these movies I know by heart now, and I can just watch a particular scene to get that feeling.  I’ve noticed that most of these movies have a similar plot.  The number one movie that I watch for inspiration is The Cutting Edge.  There are so many scenes in it that move me.  Others on my list are:  The Proposal, Love Actually, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Step Up, Real Genius, Drop Dead Fred.

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What I’ve noticed about my list is that it says something about me.  I’m not much of an intellectual.  My list does not include smart movies with complex plots and there isn’t a sober, depressing one in the bunch.  There might be a bit of drama, but the emphasis is on the relationships or the fun.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


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